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    Free Virus Removal

    The first thing many people do when they realize they have contracted a virus is search the Internet to find out how to remove it themselves. During the search, they may run across various offers for "free virus removal." These supposed solutions look very official and the free price is attractive, but don't be fooled. Anything branded as "free virus removal" will likely NOT get rid of your virus problem.

    Why "free virus removal" is NOT free:

    • Installing one or multiple free anti-virus programs by no means resolves an existing infection. Doing this may in fact make matters worse! We have seen computers that will not boot because they have two anti-virus programs installed.

    • Downloads for free virus removal programs are often trial versions or limited editions that require a paid subscription in order to work.

    • You may pay for something that does not remove the virus at all, or makes the problem worse by infecting you with something else.

    • If a computer is already infected with a virus, it may prevent you from installing either a free or paid anti-virus program.

    • Many of the free anti virus programs advertised on the Internet are in fact FAKE anti-virus programs themselves that only extort money, or are in fact virus' themselves.

    Don't spend your valuable time trying to find a way to remove a virus for free. Don't spend your money foolishly on fake anti-virus programs that take your money, offer no solution and further compromise your computer.

    For those of you who are the DIY type and really want to try to remove the virus yourself, there is a very comprehensive forum on the MajorGeeks web site that will walk you through the removal process.

    Those who just want it fixed - call Sorted IT for professional, thorough virus removal done the right way!